Biyernes, Oktubre 19, 2012


Christian Angelo E. Leonor                                                           SOF 7-Jasper

The why the sky is high Iloko version tells about a man and a women who were the only people live on Earth in the olden days. It tells the reasons that made the sky rose higher and higher as it can be seen right now in the Earth.

In the olden days the Earth is covered with darkness and the sky was still low that you could have reached it. In this version of why the sky is high  a man brought a venison on their home. They want to eat the marrow but it was too big to eat them so they pounded it into smaller pieces. The girl hung her necklace and comb. She was pounding the marrow and she noticed that the pestle hit the sky so she asked the sky to rose higher. The necklace became the stars and the comb became the moon. So, it is clearly said that the sky rose higher it’s because of the pestle who hit the sky. There are some advantages if the sky is low like, it is easier for you to reach, touch and feel the fresh air in the sky but it has also a disadvantage like, you can be harm by the thunder and the ultraviolet rays (UV rays) of the sun it’s because the sky is so low.

Therefore, God made the sky even more higher compared to the olden days. God loves us so much and he don’t want us to be harm that’s why he made the sky even more higher for where it is found and can be seen today. I can tell that I don’t really believe in this story because no one knows what God did to the Earth and the sky in the olden days. For I know God created the sky, the Earth and other living things here on earth it’s because he loves us so much and no one knows when will be the end of our lives but only God knows when.

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  1. It is literally true that only God created the sky so high, because he all loves us so he will do anything to protect us.